IMMORTAL COMBAT Confronting the Heart of Darkness by FR. DWIGHT LONGENECKER



Today, far too many leading Christians water down the robust teachings of our Faith. Ignoring Christ’s clear example and constant demand that we boldly confront evils, they preach an amicable, nonconfrontational feel-good gospel. Now comes Fr. Dwight Longenecker with this potent book that shows how, by engaging in the lost art of spiritual warfare, good Christians can repair the extensive damage this trend has caused. Without fear or favor, Father maps out the myriad places where evil lurks in our world, shines a light on its many faces, and details the countless clever tricks it uses to hide. He delineates ten sturdy principles that must motivate all Christian warriors who hope to expunge evil and stop it from returning. And finally, he explains in fascinating detail the art of immortal combat, showing how self-sacrifice and contemplation of the Cross can bring victory over any evil, no matter how hidden or how grave. Paper.


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