LIFE FOR LIFE Maximilian Kolbe


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AUSCHWITZ, 1941. One of the prisoners, Jan, escapes from the German concentration camp while working at a gravel pit. Thanks to the help of good-hearted people he finds shelter. There he hears the tragic news about ten random inmates sentenced to death by starvation by the Nazis as a punishment for his escape. One of the prisoners, Fr. Maximillian Kolbe, volunteered to die in place of one of the inmates. Now Jan is not just fleeing the Nazis, but also from his guilt for his involvement in Kolbe’s death. In addition to Jan–torn between wanting to forget and a fascination with Kolbe–another key character emerges, Brother Anselm who quietly but strongly witnesses to Kolbe’s heroic faith and love. Polish with English/Spanish Subtitles. 90 minutes. Widescreen. Color.


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