CLEAR CONSCIENCE: A Catholic Guide to Voting



This book identifies the responsibilities of Catholics to our Faith and country as we make voting decisions. Its comprehensive guidance helps Catholics navigate the most important issues facing our nation. The Declaration of Independence and Constitution affirm our legal rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. But the interpretation of these truths today varies widely across the fascinating tapestry of America. Our freedoms as citizens in a democracy are both a wonderful and a lofty responsibility. As the political climate grows more confusing, where do we as Catholics stand? CLEAR CONSCIENCE  will offer insights into: The rights of every person, and our responsibility to defend those rights; Specific political issues, and what the Church says about them; How Catholic tradition has contributed to a free and just society. This book will not tell you who to vote for–that is a decision only you can make–but it will give you the guidance you need to vote with a clear conscience. Paper.


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