LIVING CALM Mastering Anger & Frustration By DR. RAY GUARENDI



This is the book you need to master your anger so your anger won’t master you. Popular TV host, clinical psychologist, and best-selling author Dr. Ray Guarendi incisively cuts to the heart of the matter to help you determine whether your emotional response is justified–and what to do when it isn’t. Dr. Guarendi unpacks for you the many types of anger and the types of people who suffer most from anger and frustration. For some, anger is a trait; for others, it is a state. Some are “wired fiery,” with an anger that is always simmering or on a low boil, while the anger of others often comes and goes quickly. You’ll learn the difference between righteous and unrighteous anger, and whether anger is a product of your nature or nurture. Best of all, this book will help you grow in virtue as you develop Christ-like  patience, charity, self-control, forgiveness, and humility in your relationships with others. by responding prayerfully and choosing to love deliberately, you will attain great happiness, clarity of mind, and peace of heart. Paper.


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