STRAIGHT TO HEAVEN A Practical Guide for Growing in Holiness By REV. T. G. MORROW


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If you’re hoping to get to Heaven, you’ll need a plan to reach your goal. This handy manual not only presents all the elements of a life well lived, it also helps you incorporate those elements into everyday practice. This book is the one guide you need to achieve holiness now and Heaven later–all while eluding the trap of the evil one and the  pains of purgatory. Fr. Morrow explains that happiness is attainable now for those who lived the Gospel because they are bringing a bit of Heaven to earth. Conversely, those who refuse to live the Gospel are destined to experience a strong taste of hell in this life and worse in the next. That’s why Fr. Morrow wrote this book–to help you put in place a  practical  plan to enable love God with your whole heart, mind, and soul. Fr. Morrow shows yo to discern and follow God’s will and improve your ability to extend mercy to others. Through engaging stories of individual who lives heroically in difficult circumstances, you will discover to overcome vice and grow in the fruits of the Holy Spirit so you can become the saint god calls to be. Most importantly, you will learn to keep eyes fix on the heavenly wedding feast and your eternal reward. Paper.


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