THE DECEIVER Our Daily Struggle with Satan By FR. LIVIO FANZAGA


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In this book, Fr. Fanzaga confidently guides you through everything the CATECHISM, Sacred Scripture, and the wisdom of the saints tell us about the wiles and antics of the devil. You’ll come to understand why evil exists, and you’ll explore real-life examples of how the enemy tempts and ensnares us. THE DECEIVER masterfully unmarks the devil’s seductive play to create a kingdom of his own in your heart, ruled by pride, sensuality, greed, anger, fear, violence, and destruction. Most importantly, Fr. Fanzaga provides you with the weapons you need to combat the darkness of the enemy and the seven capital vices. “Satan wants to buy you at a cheap price, but Jesus poured out His blood in order to obtain your soul,” reflects the author. Paper.


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