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From 1899 until in 1903, the young Italian woman St. Gemma Galgani physically experienced the wounds of Christ every Thursday evening. the stigmata would appear and bleed on her hands, feet, and side, stopping only on Friday afternoon and leaving white marks as a reminder. St. Gemma also experienced countless visions, raptures, ecstasies, and other mystical graces–as well as intense temptations from the devil. Here is the remarkable diary of this young saint that her spiritual director ordered her to write. It will give you an enthralling glimpse into her numerous encounters with Jesus crucified, with Our Lady, and with her Guardian Angel, whom she saw almost every day and would even send on errands–usually to deliver messages to her confessor in Rome. You will witness St. Gemma’s courage in fulfilling even laborious duties while wearing the hidden crown of thorns, and you’ll learn what St. Gabriel Possenti, to whom she was especially devoted, taught her about the connection between bodily illness and spiritual healing.  Paper.




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