THE HABSBURG WAY Seven Rules for Turbulent Times By EDUARD HABSBURG Archduke of Austria


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Few families in history are as renowned as the Habsburgs, one of the principal sovereign dynasties of Europe from the thirteenth to the twentieth century. These enthralling pages provide glimpses into the lives of their esteemed members. The lesson that their  lives teach will help guide your family in faith and could also provide a roadmap for healing the world in which we live. You will read the Imperial House of Habsburg’s saints and heroes, sinners, assassination, affairs and the impact that freemasonry, Jansenism, and the Enlightenment had on them and all of Europe. With warmth and candor Eduard Habsburg–a member of the family and archduke of Austria–shares insights about the  Seven Principles (maxim) at the root of Habsburg thought, action, politics, and family life. He describes the key role the Habsburg played in the epic battles of Lepanto and Vienna and reveals fascinating details about exemplary Habsburgs such as Bl. Emperor Karl and Rudolf I, the first Habsburg ruler of the Holy Roman Empire. This sweeping Habsburg history also tells the devout reign of Maria Theresia Habsburg-Lothringen, mother of sixteen children who saved the lands and organized pilgrimages and countrywide vigils in honor of Our Lady and the Blessed Sacrament. Hardcover.


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